SkyWay Unimobile: mobility for all

SkyWay project designing organization presented a unique development — a prototype of an electric vehicle for people with limited mobility in the framework of the specialized exhibition "InvaExpo. Society for All", which was held from 12 to 14 September 2018 in Moscow. The concept is called unimobile.

The design of this electric vehicle was based on engineering solutions allowing to provide disabled people with individual mobility ensuring a high level of independence. In contrast to solutions existing today, unimobile is a full-fledged vehicle; its production sample will meet all safety requirements to class M1 cars and can be used on public roads. In addition, unimobile can be equipped with an electric-driven wheelchair and an autonomous drive distance of up to 40 km.

Work on the prototype was carried out in parallel with the creation of a model range of industrial designs of SkyWay rolling stock and was initiated as part of the task of scaling and optimizing production processes. This electric car was created on the basis of SkyWay engineering solutions and know-how.

SkyWay Unimobile: mobility for all

The basic idea of unimobile is the creation of a unique, socially demanded product that can become the basis for the formation of a new segment at the market of services for people with limited mobility. Moreover, this electric car can become one of the possible options for diversifying the profits of SkyWay project designing organization in case of selling a patent for its production to a third-party developer. Such a multi-vector approach in the activities of innovative companies is a fairly common practice; it also acts as one of the important criteria for the investment attractiveness of the project at the stage of its entry into the market. Already today, this circumstance has repeatedly served as an additional argument in negotiations with potential customers and investors, including those in the Middle East region, which is a priority for the development of SkyWay Group of Companies. The successes achieved in this region will be reported soon.

Besides that, using the electric car platform, additional logistics tools can be implemented for various transport and infrastructure systems that would be able to solve effectively the "last mile" problem for the passenger, as well as to be used in local car sharing schemes.