The film “Unitsky: portrait on the starry sky background”

5 March 2020

The film “Unitsky: portrait on the starry sky background” tells a unique and fascinating story of a man, engineer and inventor.

Anatoli Unitsky is the inventor, author and General designer of SkyWay string transport and General planetary vehicle. Member of the USSR Federation of cosmonautics, manager of two United Nations projects, winner of a number of prestigious awards and honorary titles. He has about 200 patents. He has published more than 20 monographs and 200 scientific papers.

Anatoli Unitsky’s main area of interest is optimization of transport systems. At the same time, transport operates in his research as a tool for large-scale transformation of civilization, ensuring conditions for sustainable development, solving global problems of our time and creating a more comfortable and safe environment. Thus, within the framework of the concept of General planetary vehicle, he substantiates the only possible scenario from a technical point of view for the removal of all environmentally hazardous industrial production facilities outside the biosphere with subsequent industrialization of space.

Unitsky’s ideas, like most significant discoveries in the history of mankind, faced numerous obstacles. In Soviet times they were assumed as dissident, which aroused opposition on the part of the USSR Committee for State Security. Then, in the 1990s and 2000s, Unitsky was forced to set up research and development work under the domination of the then heavily criminalized Russian oligarchy. During forty years of working under such circumstances, he had lost everything several times and had to start all over again. Having failed to find support from the authorities and business, he appealed to the people. He managed to unite the efforts of thousands of like-minded people around the world in one of the largest crowdinvesting projects in history. Despite all the difficulties, he demonstrated and proved the feasibility of his developments in practice. He founded scientific, engineering and design schools, laid the foundation for a new sector of economy in the field of transport. He continues to develop and successfully implement his inventions.

Source: the film authors