Article on the stiffness of the rail by Anatoli Unitsky and other authors published in the “Modern Transportation Systems and Technologies” journal

12 October 2022

An article by Anatoli Unitsky “Assessment of the stiffness of the flexible rail and the stress-strain state of elements of the string rail track structure at the uSky Center in Sharjah (UAE)”, co-authored by Alexander Khlebus and Mikhail Tsyrlin, was printed in the Russian journal “Modern Transportation Systems and Technologies”. The edition is published under the auspices of the St. Petersburg State Transport University.

Using the dedicated Ansys finite element analysis system, the researchers calculated the stiffness of the flexible rail when subjected to a rolling load and its dependence on thermal action. They determined the forces in the flexible rail elements, the stress range and the durability of the rail against exposure to the cyclic traffic load of the tropical uCar.

The findings revealed high efficiency and reliability of the uST Transport Solutions. The performed calculations have been used in the design and construction of a test section of the string rail track structure at the uSky Test and Certification Center in Sharjah, UAE.

The full version of the article can be found here .