Anatoli Unitsky has conducted an inspection of a new transport and infrastructure complex – the uLite

This is the first project intended for commercial use by Unitsky String Technologies Inc. represented on the territory of the Aquarelle EcoPark.

The uLite is a transport and infrastructure complex with a length of 1,120 meters. It comprises two stations, a flexible string rail track structure, four supporting towers, and an automated control system. The complex also includes a rolling stock – the uLite uPod, which can travel at a height of 10 meters at a speed of up to 80 kilometers per hour. The capacity of the uPod is 6 people or 850 kilograms of cargo.

Currently, the project is at the nearing completion stage. All the necessary tests have already been carried out and the uLite has been put into operation as a cargo transport complex. Further, after confirming the safety for passengers, the function of the complex will be changed from cargo to passenger-and-cargo.

 “After the completion of all work and tests, the uLite will be able to transport visitors to the shores of lakes, recreation areas, and other facilities implemented on the territory of the EcoPark. We are looking forward to this moment,” said Anatoli Unitsky.