Anatoli Unitsky: «We do not use third-party technology and create uST transport by ourselves»

General Designer of UST Inc. visited SW Plant production complex and supervised the operation of workshops for uST transport production.

The rolling stock and other elements of string transport such as uPods’ bodies, motor-wheels, energy storage units, and components of string rail overpass are created and developed from scratch by Unitsky Group of Companies.

Today, more than 200 highly qualified specialists work at the plant, this is a professional team that Anatoli Unitsky has put together. Under his guidance, 15 fundamentally different models of passenger and cargo uPods were manufactured. A 25-seat uBus U4-212-01 of 5th generation is among them being created on the basis of the best innovative solutions of UST Inc. All uPods differ significantly from each other in the same way that, for example, a car differs from a bus or a dump truck in the car industry.

 «I’m always pleased to see the results of my team. These are the people I can rely on to implement uST transport projects. We completely control all the engineering stages within Unitsky Group of Companies from design and development to production and testing. We do not use third-party technology and create the world’s best sustainable and cost-efficient transport on our own», — Anatoli Unitsky said.