Anatoli Unitsky’s developments - in the collection of the international conference’s reports

Inventions of the UST Inc.’s General Designer presented at the 56th International Scientific and Technical Conference of Teachers and Students in Vitebsk.

The collection of conference materials contains abstracts of reports by Anatoli Unitsky, created in collaboration with Unitsky String Technologies Inc.’s employees.

On the patent activity of Belarusian enterprises in the transport industry.

The material presents a solution for the sustainable development of the national transport industry, capable to withstand the competition on the world stage - uST technology.

Use of the UniThorr electro-hydraulic shock installation to purify water from microorganisms and algae.

An alternative to traditional methods of water disinfection is proposed - the environmentally friendly UniThorr electrohydraulic shock installation.

Justification for the use of carborundum layers in the combined designs of uST track structures.

Materials used in the creation of uST transport and infrastructure complexes were presented to a wide audience. The technology can also be used to develop the scientific direction “New building materials and structures.”