Anatoli Unitsky summed up the results of UST Inc. scientific activity for 2022

A meeting of the scientific and technical society of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. was held, at which the company's General designer Anatoli Unitsky discussed the results of scientific activities with employees via a video link.

One of the most significant achievements of UST Inc. over the past year is the accreditation as a scientific organization in the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the State Committee on science and technologies.

In addition, in 2022, Unitsky String Technologies Inc. participated in more than 10 thematic international scientific conferences and forums. Over the past year, 6 cooperation agreements were signed with scientific and educational organizations, including 3 major Russian institutions and the same number of Belarusian ones. Lectures on uST technology have been held at two Universities in Belarus.

Also, within 2022, UST Inc. published 18 scientific papers (including one monograph and one book edition), received 9 trademark certificates and 4 patents. Twenty-six objects of intangible assets have been approved and put into operation. They include 16 know-how of the company, 2 scientific research works with a national registration, as well as 8 internal scientific research and experimental design works.

Members of the society have discussed the company's scientific activity plans for 2023 at the event. In particular, the possibility of launching new scientific research works with a registration in the National register was considered.

Following the meeting, Anatoli Unitsky pointed out the significant results of the activities of the scientific and technical society. The General designer stressed: Unitsky String Technologies Inc. is not going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved.

"We have a vector of development. Working along it, we have every chance to become a leading scientific organization in Belarus," Anatoli Unitsky said.