Biotechnologies by Anatoli Unitsky as a solution to modern environmental problems: the reports were presented at the Global Conference on Global Warming (GCGW-2023)

The scientific works written by Anatoli Unitsky in collaboration with employees of the Unitsky Group of Companies were published in the collection of reports of the 11th Global Conference on Global Warming, which was held on July 14-16 in Istanbul.

The GCGW has been held since 2008 and is one of the most influential international scientific events in the field of global warming. The issues related to the climate crisis, pollution, energy and environmental security are discussed within the platform.

This year the event was attended by more than 130 people from 15 countries, including representatives of the Unitsky Group of Companies. The speakers presented biosphere technologies developed by the General Designer of UST Inc. as a solution to the modern environmental challenges.

All the reports of the speakers of the event were published in the collection of scientific papers, including the following works by engineer Anatoli Unitsky and his co-authors: