Anatoli Unitsky's Article Presented at International Conference in China

The work describes a method of wastewater recycling and soil fertility improvement using uTerra biohumus.

The article by the General Designer of UST Inc. was presented at the extramural overseas conference "Scientific Research of the SCO Countries: Synergy and Integration," held on August 9 in Beijing.

The paper considers the solution to the problem of sewage waste, which is constantly increasing worldwide. As the article says, recycling wastewater by applying it to the soil together with uTerra biohumus opens wide prospects for humankind.

The technology will help improve soil fertility and increase crop yields by 30-40%. In addition, this method can be used for greening deserts and degraded lands.

The proposed method will make it possible to free up vast areas being currently under sewage pollution. In this case, the process of wastewater treatment becomes closed and practically waste-free.

You can read more about the article by Anatoli Unitsky and his co-author Roman Malakhov "Use of Sewage Effluents to Restore Soil Fertility" at the link.

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