The focus is on non-rocket space exploration

The VI International Scientific and Technical Conference "Non-Rocket Near Space Industrialization: Problems, Ideas, Projects" (NRNSI 2023) will be held on October 7-8.

The event, which will be held in offline and online format, will gather guests from CIS countries and abroad. Scientists, engineers and researchers will discuss non-rocket space exploration by environmentally friendly means and present their developments in this field.

“We will discuss breakthrough technologies capable of creating a space industry, talk about progress in related fields of science and technology, as well as social and philosophical problems of mankind. Together we will be able to convey to the public the necessity of transition to the biosphere and space path of civilizational development”, noted Anatoli Unitsky.

The future conference is timed to coincide with the UN World Space Week (WSW) and will be the first cosmic event of this year on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, registered on the WSW website.

For reference

The first international conference on non-rocket space exploration was organized by Anatoli Unitsky in 1988 and gathered about 500 guests from the USSR and foreign countries. The next four conferences were held in 2019–2022. The participants of the events were representatives of 18 countries – scientists, engineers, astronauts, public and political figures. The books with collections of scientific reports at the conferences are available in more than 100 libraries around the world.