For The First Time Ever: A 2.5 Kilometer Long Track Structure Is Elevated to More Than 15 Meters

The uSky Test & Certification Centre has completed the construction of Test Track No. 4. Elevation of a stressed track structure weighing 350 tons and having a length of more than 2 kilometers to 15 meters is a world's unique and unparalleled experience.

The elevation of the 2 km long solid structure is unique because similar work has not been performed anywhere else so far. The heavy string rail overpass is designed for uST uPods traffic: a 25-seater uBus, which can be assembled into trains with a capacity of 120 people or greater, and a uCont container carrier with a load-carrying capacity of up to 35 tons. The total length of the route including the unstressed section (which allows the rolling stock to start from ground level) is more than 2.5 kilometers, which will enable passenger and cargo transportation at the long-awaited speed of 150 km/h.

In late 2022, the international organization TÜV SW completed the first stage of certification of Transport & Infrastructure Complex No. 4. The certificate applied to the supporting towers, confirming the compliance of the structures with the AWS and BS EN international safety standards.

The second stage will involve certification of the entire test track: cargo and passenger stations and terminal, supporting towers, and semi-rigid track structure. After that, Test Track No. 4 will be put into operation.