String transport may appear in South Asia

Under the leadership of General Designer Anatoli Unitsky, the UST Inc. team is developing a transport route to a waterfall in one of the South Asia countries. The uST solution can provide a fast and efficient transfer of passengers to the attraction.

The waterfall is one of the most picturesque places in the area and is a popular tourist attraction. The uST complex is able to harmoniously blend into the landscape and at the same time preserve the unique ecosystem of the area. Due to its attractive design and technology, string transport can become an object of tourist interest on its own, allowing visitors to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall from a height.

The works are being carried out within the contract framework. At the moment, UST Inc. specialists are shaping the appearance of the stations and anchoring structures. It is planned to conduct geodetic and geological surveys to assess the foundations and for a more detailed study of the placement of buildings on the land, which will determine the financial costs of the project.

By the way, string transport is adapted to the hot climate of the Asian region. The automatic climate control system in uPods allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature in the cabin even at more than +50 °C overboard.