The creator of string transport has been recently interviewed by a well-known international publication

Anatoli Unitsky shared his developments with correspondents from The Business Year magazine.

The interview took place at the uSky Testing and Certification Center. The General Designer of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. introduced the string transport project to journalists, talking about its advantages, the specifics of work in the Emirate of Sharjah and cooperation with the Scientific Research Technology and Innovation Park (SRTIP), as well as the development of the company in the near future. In addition, Anatoli Unitsky told the guests about the geospace technologies he had developed.

“Anatoli shared insights not only on the company’s commitment to revolutionizing sustainable transport but also unveiled their visionary project, uSpace; a geospace program focused on non-rocket near-space exploration technology, aimed at safeguarding Earth’s ecosystems,” the representative of the publication emphasized.

As part of the uSky Center tour, guests were able to observe the functioning uST transport and give it a trial run. Remaining impressed by what they saw, the journalists marked that string transport is an ambitious project that will bear fruit in the future.

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