Earth’s Gravity of Stars – 1989 Film Translated Into English

1 October 2020

Film made by Belarusfilm studio in 1989 translated into English. The movie tells about the Starry World Center, that was founded by Anatoli Unitsky. The mission of the center was to develop EcoSpace program and the General Planetary Vehicle. To achieve such an ambitious goals, to fund scientific researches, the Starry World center carried out work in different spheres of USSR economy, established wide range of innovations, earned more than $3 million in a year of activity. One of the successful examples of center products, shown in the film, is a harvester, functioning on the basis of fully new principles. It was twice more effective and 20 times less expensive than those produced by the industry at that time. Starry World center was supported by soviet astronauts, USSR Federation of Cosmonautics and Soviet Fund for Peace. There were big plans to create on the basis of the center in collaboration with soviet government the USSR technical and researching cluster, which will examine non-rocket near space industrialization problems. But then Unitsky has nominate himself on the election of People’s deputies. His political competitor with the help of KGB made center employees to throw Unitsky out of the business he founded. He was forced to leave. Then the USSR collapsed in 1991. Since that time Unitsky has no worked on the EcoSpace program until 2019, when the second conference on “Non-Rocket Near Space Industrialization: Problems, Ideas, Projects” was held. This year the event took place for the third time.