uST technology – an efficient transport solution for Kuzbass and Pomorye

Scientific reports prepared on the basis of Anatoli Unitsky’s developments are presented in the collections of the III International Scientific and Practical Conference “Actual Problems of Transport in the XXI century,” which was held in Novokuznetsk.

The first work substantiates the effectiveness of using cargo uST transport and infrastructure complexes for the transportation of coal and other minerals extracted in the Kuzbass sections. In addition, string rail transport has a minimal impact on the environment, which is important for a region with a high level of environmental pollution.

The second scientific article presents a solution for Kegostrov, located in the delta of the Northern Dvina River, opposite the historical center of the city of Arkhangelsk. uST transport and infrastructure complexes will solve the issues of transport accessibility of the island, linking it with a more developed urban center. This will also contribute to the development of the Kegostrov territory as a recreational and tourist area.